Composer type repository fixtures

This directory contains some examples of what composer type repositories can look like. They serve as illustrating examples accompanying the docs, but can also be used as (initial) fixtures for tests.

  • repo-composer-plain is a simple, plain packages.json file
  • repo-composer-with-includes uses the includes mechanism
  • repo-composer-with-providers uses the providers mechanism

Sample Packages used in these fixtures

All these repositories contain the following packages.

  • foo/bar versions 1.0.0, 1.0.1 and 1.1.0; dev-default and 1.0.x-dev branches. On dev-default and in 1.1.0, bar/baz ~1.0 is required.
  • qux/quux only has a dev-default branch. It replaces gar/nix.
  • gar/nix has a 1.0.0 version and a dev-default branch. It is being replaced by qux/quux.
  • bar/baz has a 1.0.0 version and 1.0.x-dev as well as dev-default branches. Additionally, 1.1.x-dev is a branch alias for dev-default.